This is a 15 minute TEDx talk comparing employee ownership to good sex, and showing the range of well-known, innovative companies that have been employee owned for decades.


This is a short trailer for the film “We The Owners” about US employee owned companies. It has some great interviews with employee owners.

A one-minute tease for a film proposed by Patricia Murphy






And a ten-minute version:








Next is the first of four 10 minute videos in which David Ellerman explains why the employment contract is a fraudulent contract; why the idea that people can sell their labour is a legal fiction; and why in practice we are not employees but partners, even when we are treated as ’employees’. As partners we should share in the fruits of our labour. The real meat of the argument starts after about four minutes.

The next three videos are about individual companies that were helped by Baxi Partnership and by Cooperative Development Scotland to become employee owned:
Aquascot, West Highland Free Press, and Woollard and Henry. All have performed extremely well since the switch to employee ownership.

Here is an outlier: a wide ranging review of theories about the crisis in the world’s economy, brilliantly communicated. David Harvey misses the point and doesn’t mention employee ownership, which addresses many of the problems at once – but the video is still worth seeing. The video and animation is thanks to the Royal Society for the Arts in London, founded in 1754 and dedicated to 21st century enlightenment.