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Baxi Partnership is itself an employee-owned company that advises on a wide range of specialist issues from sustainable energy to equality at work. It is also the leading adviser and facilitator in transforming a business or service to employee ownership.

The Employee Ownership Association is the voice of ‘co-owned’ business in the UK, with co-ownership defined as substantial or complete employee ownership. It has over 150 member companies, with a combined turnover of close to £30 billion. It facilitates the gathering and dissemination of information about employee ownership, and networking among existing and would-be employee owned companies.

Cooperative Development Scotland  supports company growth in Scotland through collaborative and employee ownership models.

Overseas, the National Centre for Employee Ownership is the leading US source of information and research about employee ownership, not just in the US. It has built a strong reputation as an honest provider of accurate information.

David Ellerman’s website is one of the most generous: it makes available free of charge his several books and numerous writings on employee-ownership, philosophy, mathematics and economics. The analysis in his book ‘Property and Contract in Economics’ turned me from being a hopeful practitioner of employee ownership into a committed believer that this is one of the most important changes that we can make. Among many other roles in a varied life, David was the economic adviser to Nobel prize-winner Joe Stiglitz when the latter was chief economist at the World Bank.

Ownership Associates, founded by Chris Mackin, a core member of the Harvard Trade Union Program faculty and a Carey Fellow at Rutgers University, has over decades helped many employee owned companies develop a true ownership culture.

The Foundation for Enterprise Development promotes the concept of broad-based, participative employee ownership and entrepreneurship.

I learned employee ownership through leading Tullis Russell into being employee owned. This paper manufacturer celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2009, 15 years after it became employee owned. Its byline, ’employee-owned, partnership driven’ could apply to many successful companies.

Another great byline is ‘Humanity At Work’, the slogan of Mondragon, the extraordinarily successful network of worker-cooperatives in the Basque region of Spain. They did not want me to borrow that phrase as the subtitle for my book, so I used Humanity Working.

Many employee-owned firms in the UK have been helped by Baxi Partnership to structure and fund their employee-ownership. A small sample includes:

Woollard and Henry – specialist manufacturing for the paper and for the oil and gas industries

UBH International – manufacturing tanks for liquid and gas transportation

Highland Home Carers – caring for the old and infirm at home

g3 – oil and gas engineering design

West Highland Free Press – a free and independent newspaper

Clansman Dynamics – manufacturing heavy robots and manipulators

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