Employee Ownership

Having a job in a normal corporation is not a good way to live. The only reason for doing it is because the alternative is to be unemployed.

Why is it not good? Because as an employee:

you have no right to information

you have no right to be listened to – your views simply don’t count

and you have no right to share in the wealth you help create, other than the wage which the managers are tasked to keep as low as possible. All the profits are sucked up and away to the owner or owners – which means to financial institutions.

Everything changes when the employees own the company.

you have the absolute right to all information about the business (and the responsibility to make sure you understand it

you have the right (along with all your colleagues) to influence what goes on, including the right to vote the directors out if they prove inadequate. Above all, you have the right to express your views, and have them heard (and the responsibility to use that right to help improve what goes on, making the business more successful)

and you have the right to participate in the wealth that you all create together, through profit sharing and/or shareholding.

In short, you are a full partner in the business.

No wonder employee-owned companies never do worse than their conventionally owned competitors, and usually do significantly better.

How do they do?

productivity is higher, customer service is better, they create more jobs, the jobs are more stable, the businesses do better through downturns.