David Erdal

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I lived under a dictatorship in Chairman Mao’s China, and learned that dictatorship produces poverty, brutality and fear.

So to address poverty I studied at Harvard Business School ways of making businesses prosper.

But a corporation is a dictatorship.

Running the company that my extended family had owned since 1809, I found that most of the owners did nothing for the company, but it made them wealthy while leaving poor the 1,500 employees who created the wealth.

How could that be changed? I found a way for the company, paying a fair price to the owners, to transfer the ownership to all the employees. Any company could do that.

As owners, the employees have made the company superbly successful. Instead of just making my family rich, this has spread millions of pounds to all the employees (in addition to their wages) and consequently to their families and communities. It has also transformed their working lives: it is no longer a dictatorship, but an open system in which they as full partners get the three key benefits of ownership: information, the ability to influence things, and a share of the wealth they help create.

Since then, I have helped many companies do the same.

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Local Heroes

A story of entrepreneurial courage for sustainability and liberation into employee ownership

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Beyond the Corporation: Humanity Working

A wide-ranging overview of the theory and practice of employee ownership, illustrated with stories and examples from many countries.

Described by a World Bank economist as ‘The book on employee ownership’