Crowd-funding for a film on employee owned pathfinders

Altorg2 from Patricia Murphy on Vimeo.

Patricia Murphy is an award-winning documentary film-maker. The short teaser for her new project can be seen here. She needs money to make the full film, and will be crowd-funding part of it. Watch this space.

For the producer, Mary-Ann Beyster, I recently screened the film ‘We The Owners’ at the Subversive Film Festival in Zagreb. About 70 people came, and the debate afterwards finished only when we were thrown out of the cinema to make way for the next film. About half of the young people in Croatia are unemployed – but the country’s financiers continue to get rich, and their politicians continue to reduce the cash for the unemployed, so that they can join the EU in July. No wonder there is interest in an alternative, which treats people as people, which listens to their views, which enables them to make a full contribution, and which ensures that they share in the wealth they create together.
This project is hugely important and needs cash.

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