Amazon Kindle goes from bad to worse

Peasants' RevoltI am starting to read ‘England Arise’ by Juliet Barker, her much praised exploration of the Peasants’ Revolt. My own work is focused on our deep instinct to counteract dominance, and the great rebellion is a lovely example.
To make notes that I can use in writing my own book, I need to copy short extracts to quote, so I bought the Kindle version. But the Kindle app will no longer let me copy and paste anything from a Kindle book. They have disabled the ability to make notes that are useable elsewhere.
Too late I have now read the howls of anguish on the web from other people protesting against the same thing, mainly students prevented from studying efficiently.
I will never ever buy another Kindle book, and I recommend that no one ever uses Kindle again. Like all big corporate brutes they are using their power to extract maximum cash from everyone involved in writing and publishing, but to get that last cent for themselves they ride roughshod over the needs of their readers.
And they don’t pay tax, using every possible trick to avoid giving a fair amount towards the sustaining of our society. It is time to do a Starbucks and go elsewhere.

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