Marie Colvin and an Open Society

Marie Colvin 3

Marie Colvin.
Photo: Richard Flaye

January 22nd was the first anniversary of the death of Marie Colvin, the bravest person I have ever known. Her murder was a war crime: she and her colleagues, civilians all, were targeted by the Syrian army because they were broadcasting the truth to the world about the massacres carried out by the regime.

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Mr Jackal’s Hit Man, or, The Fiction of Employment

FrenchPresidentGunSightSuppose you are employed by Mr Jackal. According to the dominant economic theory, you have sold him your labour. Since you have sold it to him, he controls it: it is up to him how that labour is used. Mr Jackal tells you to go and assassinate the French President. So, since you are his employee and your labour now belongs to him, you go and assassinate the French President.

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